At the beginning we had just a few ideas to play around with some trunks, long big sticks, just how they grew up in the forest, vertically moving and dancing the wind.

After they were cut, we found tons and tons of horizontally stapled trunks that we even knew how to move them. We just felt, that we will convert them into an artistic installation. Rearranging them and keeping there natural wonderfull caracter. So with each approach, we defined more and more our ideas, cleaned up our doubts and got more clear how to convert the mass of trunks into a new installation:

Supernatural was born: an artistic installation that plays with unexpected movements, and flexibilities of the huge trunks and that invited kids to play with there balance. Trunks that we normally see and feel vertically in the forest, now at the ground and shaping new figures, curved like a meandering river and disappearing in the soil.

Supernatural was placed in a public park, where it was placed for 4 months. 

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