For unforgettable moments. The large wooden clip, made of oiled, solid European walnut, pear or cherry wood, keeps all your memories together. Apropos remembering: we almost forgot to mention the tiny USB stick (2 GB) inside the memo-clip. material: walnut, pear, cherry dimensions: 70x30x12mm

book marker

Take note of this! The book marker helps you remember important passages with its page markers. As beautiful as a memory you never want to forget! dimension: 5×3,8 material: maple, beech

müllers mühle

Freshly ground! Made of oiled cherry wood, these classy salt or pepper mills feature a hard core within the silky outer shell. The fine-grinding, stainless and wear-resistant ceramic grinding mechanism is even harder than steel – and metal free. dimension. 24×5 cm material: hardened steel grinder, cherr… More


Can a wooden mortar really be used for grinding? Yes it can. And it also looks sensationally good in cherry wood – and wonderfully fits the contours of your hand. dimension: 18x5cm material: ceramic grainer, cherry, mapl… More


The classic kitchen cutting board, refined by slanted, tapered ends. It’s perfect for a seasoned chef (and those who wish to become one). A dream in cherry wood that is well within your grasp.dimension: 25x18x2,5 cm / 20x16x1,5 cm material: cherry, oiled


Ready, set, go! It’s almost a pity to put a drinking glass on these coasters made of solid oak or noble cherry wood. dimension: 15x15x4 cm material: oak, cherry, oiled


Opposites attract. They may be heavy, but dipper bowls are the ideal container for light dips, snacks or other little odds and ends. dimension: 15x15x4 material: oak, cherry, oiled

triple dipper

All good things come in threes. That’s why we’ve designed a solid bowl with three hollow sections. Why not prepare a pleasant evening for three? dimension: 45x15x4 cm material: oak, cherry, oiled


Not only for ice cold epicureans: this wine and champagne cooler with a built-in drip catcher is also useful to keep your bottles at room temperature, thanks to its insulating felt. dimension: 25×35 cm / 9×3 cm materialfelt, wooden buttons


Protect your table with this trivet made of solid oak or cherry wood. Once they leave the stove or oven, hot pots will quickly feel at home here. dimension: 25x15x2 cm material: oak, acacia, muirapiranga


Happy birthday! Blowing out candles is a extra special treat with mina & max. Just put the sterling silver top into the oak cross, or insert it directly into a birthday cake. Now all you need are candles – and a birthday. dimensions: 50x50x40 mm material: sterling silver, oak oiled

Maxxi 7

Every day is a day worth celebrating. With maxxi 7, we present a stylish candleholder made of sterling silver and oiled oak for your personal special days. dimensions: 28x4x4cm material: sterling silver, oak oiled


A bowl that speaks for itself: bol is made of ash, oak or catalan cedar and sets decorative design standards on every table. Some also call it an art object. dimensions: 40x40cm / 50x50cmmaterial: oak, ash, ceder

just because

Just nature!

For the many occasions when we’d like to give a lasting gift to a very special friend: a little something from woodloops is just the thing. For the kitchen, the office or just for decoration: these small tokens of affection are made of solid European wood. The perfect gift – also for yourself.

Prices on demand.

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