The jones stool is a simple log refined by distinctive tapering – a truly archaic looking piece of furniture. Ornate wood grains reveal the deeper mysteries of this trunk segment and recount a piece of its personal life history. dimensions: height 470mm diameter ~320mm material: oak, larch, cherry, walnut


Four lightly tapered beams are joined into an object that seems like a subtle invitation to make yourself comfortable. It is no coincidence that the name of the stool is reminiscent of the Romanian Artist Brancusi, whose “Endless Column” became a paradigm for abstract cubic design. dimensions: 470x265x265mm material: oak, cherry, larch, walnut


bloxx relies completely on its solid presence. Cut from a large log into a cube shape, this swivel stool is only lightly finished after the natural drying process. The power, calm and presence of its organic essence only truly comes to its own in the right architectural context. The solid wood block seems to float on its stainless steel axis. dimensions: 460x420x420mm material: oak, ash, stainless steel


The ni_na bench and the norbert_o table are a perfect team. The way the linear design radiates calm and serenity is impressive. The slightly slanted, hollowed out section in the middle is an invitation to linger for hours. Enjoy! dimensions: 2000x400x470mm material: oak, cherry


Fascination on wheels – we’ve fastened a pair of robust, cast iron wheels onto “lorry” and we’re on a roll. This simple object, reminiscent of the building blocks of our childhood, has been turned into a versatile bench – on which we can sit, dine, or just reminisce. dimensions: 2000/3000/4000x400x470mm material: oak, ash tires: cast iron


Can you hear them? Listen! These “forest pearls” are telling us their stories. Their shapes are defined by the fine whorls and curves of the original piece of wood. Our craftspeople merely apply their sensitive devotion and feel for shapes to transform these minimalist organic objects into the finest forest treasures. dimensions: diameter 300/600mm height 300/500mm material: oak, olive


The classic idea of sleeping beautifully in a solid wooden bed. But because of its modern design, mercé also has a light and sensual feel. And its natural finish gives even the hardest of woods a velvety look. dimensions: 800x2180x1700/1900/2300mm material: oak, cherry, walnut


Based on the Far Eastern sleeping style, this only slightly raised bed promises repose beyond time and space. bellevue is made from selected planks that are simply mounted onto a basic structure, without using any metal connectors. Your sleeping experience has never been so peaceful.dimension: 200x2400x1700/1900/2300mm material: oak, cherry, walnut


From top to bottom, bett-ruh presents a continuous sleeping space with small, subtle secrets. Even the most intimate details vanish into the headboard in little night drawers. Speaking of hiding: you won’t find any metal connections here either. dimension: 300x2200mm mattress+300mm material: oak, cherry, walnut


Is this seventh heaven? The simple frame snuggles around the mattress as soundly as a good night’s sleep. Two free-moving caskets in the large headboard offer plenty of space for discretionary storage. The well-crafted, metal-free connection between frame and headboard is a masterpiece of intimacy and precision. dimensions: 250x2240x1480mm material: oak/cherry/walnut


Real beauty comes from within – as the extraordinary structures in the grain-cut wood reveal. Growth rings and the inner decompression of oak’s natural drying process make this table unique. dimensions: ~350x~300 – 550x~300 – 550mm material : oak, stainless steel

cube fumé

Dark, warm and earthy – while the shape and raw material are the same as our classic cube, it’s the natural smoking that makes the difference. Depending on origin and location, concentrated contents have aged the tree and give the cube fumé its individual and characteristic cocoa brown tone.dimensions: ~350x~300 – 550x~300 – 550mm material: smoked oak


It’s said that opposites are two sides of the same coin. Whether used as a seat, a shelf or a tea table, the “lightness” of the fine wool felt is contrasted by the “heavy” bridge of oak. It’s a magnetic attraction. dimensions: 400x400x400mm material: wool felt, bridge in oak


Is your world spinning? One could get that impression with this coffee table. The spool-stool conjures up wooden spindles of yore. In our new interpretation, two minimalist symmetrical shapes converge and combine into this very exciting ensemble. dimensions: 260/350×300/400×300/400mm material: oak, cherry


This modern wood table is skilfully crafted reductionism. The supporting frame is located in the centre of the tabletop. This affords maximal legroom and lots of space for effortless entertaining. It is also available as a worktable with diverse extra features. dimensions: 760x850x1800/2200/2600mm material: oak, cherr

big mama

The generous curves of the lathed legs, the exciting symbiosis of voluptuous curves, the linear minimalism of the tabletop – the big mama dinner table entices in every way to enjoy a sensually exuberant meal. dimensions: height 760mm width 900mm length 2500/3000/3500mm material: oak, cherry, walnut


bloc presents itself with self-confidence and focused power. Run your hand along its body-friendly rounded edges and you’ll realize: this table has only one goal in mind, to seduce you. bloc invites you to have dinner or present your precious belongings on its eye-catching surface. dimensions: max 2500x500x600mm material: oak


We all have collections of things we’ve grown fond of – from the colorful chaos of CDs to the small keepsakes that you don’t want to ban into a dusty closet. maze, the endlessly meandering shelf, offers intimate spaces to display all those objects you want to keep and remember. dimensions: max 1100/550x190x1100/550mm material: cherry

maze mini

dimensions: length 270mm width 430mm hight 160mm material: cherry


Clip, fold, stick, click: this ultra light display at standing height offers an excellent base for discussions and presentations, regardless of what you place on or in its adaptable box. dimensions: 1100x330x330mm material: beech, maple


The ring that says yes! Sometimes plump, sometimes austere, these ja-rings will beautify your life and tell you stories about the past. As a single ring or as a collection. dimensions: diameter 600mm material: oak, cedar

le petit p.

Who hasn’t always wanted to fly on a cannonball like Munchhausen? Hop into the saddle and fly away. Spin across the wood universe, and back, in perpetual rotation – on this wonderful le petit p.dimensions: 700x450x470mm material: oak, cherry, walnut, stainle… More


Year in and year out, a tree’s growth rings expand – and from it’s plump trunk we carefully shape these p.lota marbles. Clearly a well-rounded affair! dimensions: diameter 200 to 500mm material: oak, cherry, walnut

custom made furniture for working and living:

collection o_range

Just nature!

woodloops furniture is about enjoying nature with our whole being. Each piece is an expression of natural growth and geometric design. Every object resonates with our body – a three-dimensional projection of our inner longing for organic architecture. Wood, a wholly natural material, is the sensual basis for this furniture collection that oscillates between art and functional design – whether to sit, lie down, or serve dinner on; whether to store things in or just look at.

Prices on demand.

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