wild furniture

Wild furniture, firewood de luxe

what is wild furniture, firewood de luxe?

it is a manifestation, a reflection of an well known element (chair)

which became in history a symbol of power in our society,even more than just to sit and to relax for a while.

Wild furniture reflects a concept by relating to our environment, to trees which serves no more than using it as firewood.

Our attention is drawn to those affected trees and trunks broken by rain, storms, snow and winds.

They are the memory, the trace of a presence; trees that grew slowly and adapt to their environment,

individually, but never alone,

hosted in his forest, and now they are fragmented but still rooted to the ground.

We turn that forgotten tree rest into an “idea” of chairs, out of its common context,

wild and some kind of lost in the forest, parks, avenues and beside roads.

Here in the way we transform the origin trunks in situ, we underline the origins of the material

in all his aspects, especially the way they disappear and never can be possessed by man.

Wild furniture, firewood de luxe is a intercultural movement that was realized till today in Spain, France, Switzerland and Germany.

It’s a project initiated from Ariane Patout and René Müller and nominated 2014 with the FAD price for temporary architecture.



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